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EUPays v/s Instabill: Better High Risk Processor

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EUPays v/s Instabill: Better High Risk Processor

Today every business has entered in the the phase of digitalization. Now geographical boundaries are diminishing especially for businesses. A merchant incorporated in U.S. can sell his products to the customers of Europe and other countries. This has become possible only because of the payment gateways that process the inland and off-shore transactions. Being an online merchant, all you need is a persuasive website to showcase your product or services.

Payment gateways have made the payment processing smooth for online businesses. But wait, things aren’t that simple if your business falls in the category of high risk business. In that case, you have to look for a payment processor that trusts and understands your business needs. Usually payment processors refuse to entertain the high risk business because of their bad processing history and several other reasons. On the other hand, some processors see the the potentials of these business types provide them the customized services.

Merchants must be exceptionally vigilant while hunting down a merchant account. If you are high-risk, you need to be set up to pay more than different businesses do, however that doesn’t imply that you should get ripped off. We will likely help you to abstain from getting ripped off, so we are, therefore, extremely cautious when we assess merchant service suppliers that promote themselves as high-risk account authorities.

In this review, we have stepped up with regards to present two of such high risk payment gateway that support such business type.

Instabill: Instabill supports online businesses by offering them all major payment options including credit card processing, point of sale, ACH network payments, Mobile payments. The payout cycle of the processor is quite merchant friendly though we had come across some user review mentioning irregularities in payment cycles.

Talking about the darker side of the coin, there are several complains about the merchant services. For instance the users have mentions that sometimes they don’t get prompt reply and at times the response received from them are not satisfactory.

EUPays: Another pick for the day is EUPays, It again an EU based payment gateway incorporated in Poland. EUPays is payment gateway fully dedicated for high risk businesses. If we talk about stats 85% of its clients are High Risk businesses including technical support, web development, pharmaceuticals businesses, etc. They have covered the market in very less time.

Similar to Instabill they also offer dedicated merchant account to high risk businesses. Taking about the checkout, they offer huge range of payment options including both traditional and modern payment methods. EUPays is a great option for the merchants offering services worldwide as it accepts payments in more than 30 currencies.

The plans of EUPays are also reasonable as compared to other high risk merchant account. The merchants also get options of virtual terminal and eChecks with EUPays. The support team of the processor is also efficient.

Final Verdict

Both the payment gateways are value for money. High risk merchants can choose any of the option. Though, I am not much thrilled by the support team of Instabill. Based on the facts we have gathered, we will recommend EUPays to the merchants.

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